The Semicolon

This one—on why the semicolon is the perfect punctuation for the digital age—was quite popular. I hope you enjoy it. 

Borowitz Lite

Andy Borowitz on why he (mostly) gave up Twitter.

Books and Sports and Stuff

Gary Shteyngart on how to survive a book party. 

Boomer Esiason was, for an afternoon at least, the most reviled man in sports.

Sounds of Silence.

A feature on NYC’s vanishing music venues.

Clyde Haberman’s Last Bite

Clyde Haberman and I broke bread.

A Shack Grows in Brooklyn

You can buy the doll above at Frank Traynor’s shack-turned-curiosity shop in Brooklyn, which I wrote about here. 

I also interviewed Michael Imperioli, who appears in Spike Lee’s latest, Oldboy. (Rex Reed thought it was "garbage," of course, but I kind of liked it.) Anyway, Mike’s a mensch.

A review of Mary Oliver’s new book of poetry, which I did not like.

An interview with David Haskell, who balances life between magazine editing and whiskey peddling.


A profile of the great newspaper editor Seth Lipsky, whose new biography of Abraham Cahan, another great newspaper editor, was just published.

A short piece about foraging for mushrooms in Central Park.

An interview with Molly Crabapple, “Occupy’s greatest artist.”

Jazz and Comedy

Two things:

1. An interview with Gad Elmaleh, the 42-year-old French comedian who is relatively unknown in the United States.

2. A review of Stanley Crouch’s excellent new biography of Charlie Parker, which took him 32 years to write. The best sentence in the book: “Traffic was thick as freckles on the face of a redheaded cracker.”

Big Apple Allergy

Nick Damici is so over New York.